Seth Allen
Writing samples upon request.


Something Terrible
2 F, 1M
After her husband vanishes, JUDITH moves in with her MOTHER-IN-LAW . Together they navigate their feelings of loss and struggle with social media and feeble conversation. Through a series of tech accidents and half-truths, HANK, (a mysterious novelist with a very distinct familial connection), is drawn unwittingly into their lives. As her mother-in-law dotes twistedly on the newcomer, JUDITH slides into a fretfully familiar romance with him.

2M, 1F
A simple robbery spins quickly out of control and lands three unwilling participants into a hostage situation. As the pressure mounts, survival hangs in the balance.


Co-written with David Baker
After a high risk surgery, CECIL regains this eyesight to full clarity. It might be too clear. How far would you go to ignore what is right in front of you?