Seth Allen
Writing samples upon request.


Something Terrible
2 F, 1M
After her husband vanishes, JUDITH moves in with her MOTHER-IN-LAW . Together they navigate their feelings of loss and struggle with social media and feeble conversation. Through a series of tech accidents and half-truths, HANK, (a mysterious novelist with a very distinct familial connection), is drawn unwittingly into their lives. As her mother-in-law dotes twistedly on the newcomer, JUDITH slides into a fretfully familiar romance with him.

2M, 1F
A simple robbery spins quickly out of control and lands three unwilling participants into a hostage situation. As the pressure mounts, survival hangs in the balance.


Co-written with David Baker
After a high risk surgery, CECIL regains this eyesight to full clarity. It might be too clear. How far would you go to ignore what is right in front of you?

Feature, Sci-Fi
Co-written with Benj Thall
Trapped in a damaged escape pod, seven survivors of a doomed luxury space cruisermust fight to survive the challenges of deep space, dwindling supplies and the horrors within themselves.

The Half-Life of Love
Film adaption of the stage script written by Gail Louw
What happens when love is over? Who are the ones who suffer most? Alex is disturbed one night when the 17 year-old adopted son of his abusive ex-partner turns up late at night at his door. What has happened to this boy who once was so important in his life? What has caused him now to be homeless, desperate yet still ready and eager to love her.